Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Papermaking Collaboration

For our final day of a 3 day papermaking workshop we created a large group piece of paper, formed from many small sheets of paper layered and assembled on a round table. It began with just a couple unrelated dots of colored pulp, created with circle molds.

More circular pieces are cast, beginning to touch and cover the table with spots of color.
As the design grew, artists experimented with shaping the pulp on the molds and adding new designs by layering colors of papers.
A design on a mold, created with two colors of pulp.
Adding triangles to make a pattern.
Here the pulp is scraped away to form an "X" shape on the color underneath.
The group of artists and the completed mandala.
The colors are a bit softer when the piece is dry.

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  1. Loved the project...going to attempt this with my students. What idi you dry the pulp on? It some instances it looks like newspaper or does it not stick?