Wednesday, September 15, 2010

International Dot Day 2010

Click the title above for more information and inspiration from Peter Reynolds and International Dot Day - celebrated September 15, the anniversary of the publication of The Dot.
Explore your own creative ways to make your mark - circular or otherwise. A favorite beginning activity at Art at the Center is to create a mandala, a circle drawing. We begin with a simple outline of a circle on paper large or small and fill it with colors, shapes lines, etc inside and out.
Having the simple circle outline is a good way to begin and start with a never know where it will lead you. We take this idea to a grander scale too with collaborative mandalas created on our wonderful circle tables. See some individual mandala examples below and read on to learn about a couple of my favorite collaborative mandalas - stories posted today in honor of International Dot Day!

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  1. Hi there. I love the book "The Dot". I just visited your blog through the links shared on the Reggio Loop. I have a similar dream to open a space like yours, in Illinois. I have explored various ways to work with young children, and to explore artistic materials...I would love to hear more of the story of how Art at the Center began--maybe that's a story told at the beginning of this blog?

    I have a project called "Doughnut Dreams"--you can find it under my list of blogs. If you want to participate in this project, or display it as a prompt to explore through Art, I would love it!

    I'm adding your blog to my list to follow. The more inspiration I have to pursue my dreams, the better! Thank you!