Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Color Mixing Camp Mandala

One of my favorite ways to end a group session is with a large mandala - our round tables lend themselves well to this format. The color mixing workshop ended with kids breaking into small groups to take turns working on the mandala, each group choosing their favorite color media for their turn. The first group began with chalk pastels.
The second group added to the design with tempera paint - custom colors they mixed over the course of the 3 day workshop.

As the design grew, more decisions had to be made about where to fit new colors and how to relate one person's painting to another, some painters chose to focus on the in between spaces while others added new shapes.

Using chalk pastel again to add finishing touches - a deep blue green to tie together any last uncovered spaces.
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  1. Love this idea. THe combining of the media is interesting, too. I wonder how the kids felt about people working on "their" work, or if the collaboration felt great?