Sunday, August 22, 2010

Exploring Paint - Tools, Mark Making and the Stickiness of Paint

This young artist began in a fairly usual way, painting with colors on the table. She experienced the mixing of the colors as broad brush strokes captured her motion across the page.
More mixing as she used her hands as a tool to smooth the paint, here the hand motions seem to create a symmetry of swirls.
The artist moved to the wall and chose a larger brush, creating bold strokes of color and extending her reach to the top of the paper.
She continues working to fill the page with paint, colors begin to mix more while the mark making is still energetic with her moves across the paper recorded in the textured marks of the big brush.
Getting her hands into the paint, she discovers the sponge (previously used to dab the wet brush) can be a tool in the paint. Here she has begun a second paper, printing with the sponge and discovering that the paint causes it to stick on the paper.
She explores variations with the sponge, making different shapes and lines using the side of the sponge and creating new mixes of color with each dab of the sponge on the paper.
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