Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Device to Transmit Sound

This project was created during a week of exploring recycled and found materials. One artist/inventor began with the intention to "make a device to transmit sound." When asked what exactly she meant by transmit sound, she admitted she wasn't sure but she just thought it would be interesting to try.
The building began with two plastic cups, inserted through holes in a box. Here a rubber band stretched around one cup will make a sound.
Experimenting with listening and talking at different sides of the box.
This expanded to trying different materials, (tissue paper rattling above) to see how they sounded through the device.

Sharing our creations with the group at the end, the different materials tried and the results of each. I think what excited me about this exploration was the way the experimenting seemed led to new materials and possibilities along with changes in the design of the device. An exact definition of sound transmission was not necessary to enjoy playing with the idea and experiencing numerous ways sound could be explored through the materials at hand, both directly and through the invented device.
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