Monday, August 23, 2010

Printing Mom's Painting

In the family studio, mother and son painted on walls adjacent to each other, each engaged in his or her own process. Here is the collaboration that unfolded when the young artist became interested in adding to his mother's image. This is mom's painting when her son first took interest.
Here, the young artist begins to add to his mother's painting - she shared that she had an intention to add a son and he helped her carry out that plan. Notice his reach to add to the paper.
With much additional painting and over-painting the paper was starting to get really wet. Standing back we see how thick the paint has become.
Mother and son chose to further their collaboration by creating small prints off the main painting. The printing process changes the texture of the main piece as well as creating new works of art in the small monoprints pulled from its surface. Three prints hang with the image while a fourth, featuring part of the sun is hung below.
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