Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Studio Painting

In our family studio class, parents and children get the benefit of exploring art materials and creating side by side, each working at their own ability level.
This particular morning, one young artist chose to continue a painting of a tree begun in an earlier class.

He developed a new technique of using a popsicle stick to draw lines to represent bark.

His younger brother took a more exploratory approach, mixing his colors on the paper and trying out layering areas of color with broad brush strokes.

Mom began with creating geometric lines and shapes on the page and used these as the basis for building a painting exploring color combinations, different brush strokes and ranges and gradations of color.

The fun part to observe is the conversations and interactions that allow family members to share their process while creating distinctly different products. All are exploring different ways to use color, to make marks and to create a painted composition on a page.

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