Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dreams for Our Community - Community Art Event in collaboration with Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services

Artwork created at our community art event with Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services. We worked on wood tiles and added collage elements, pastel and paint to depict dreams for our community. Thank you to all the families who participated.

Photos below show some details of the steps of the process. We began with sketching on large paper on the table and brainstormed a list together of "dreams for our community."
Individuals chose an aspect of community to illustrate. We worked on wooden panels with wooden collage shapes and oil pastels.
Here the church design is built with wood, accented with collage pieces and colored with oil pastels.

The final step was a watercolor wash that acted as a stain on the wood areas. The oil pastel marks acted created a resist and remained visible through the paint.

As artists completed their work, they assembled and arranged their pieces to create the finished community art work.

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  1. This was a great event for GSH families. Check out the GSH blog on the event at