Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting to Know Clay

There is something magical about seeing children really meet with materials for the first time. Having watched closely from her carseat ever since she stopped napping during the art explorers class, this little sister is excited to have her own place at the table.
She discovers she can lift the lump of clay, it's heavy.
With two hands she can lift the bigger lump, look at the look of accomplishment!
Now she brings it back to the table, a slow motion, wonder filled version of the wedging and pounding going on around her.
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  1. This is pure joy.
    I just read about this artist and her experience with clay that I thought you would appreciate.

    Have a wonderful creative fun day.

  2. Such a wonderful Blog Kathryn! Very inspiring...the little ones exude such is a pleasure to examine your blog...Very compelling!
    Warmest Wishes!