Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mosaic Making - A Community Project

On July 21 we hosted an open house asking members of the community to join us in creating a new mosaic sign.

Participants worked side by side to piece together the design.

We also had a team outside breaking tile into smaller pieces.

As the spaces filled up, it became more puzzle-like to find pieces to fit in-between others and to fill in background space.

The mosaic so far - a combination of our logo surrounded by invented free form designs. Can you find a turtle, a star, and the word Art?

Adding more designs at a second work session in August.

Piecing in the background - our progress so far.


  1. Hi-
    This is so beautiful!! What did you use for the base to attach the tiles to? WIll it be displayed outside or inside?
    We would love to do something like this to identify our school.
    thanks for the blog- I love learning from other programs!

  2. We used tile backer board for the base but depending on the size of the mosaic you make you can use other materials too. We plan to build a wood frame and display this outside, we will keep you posted on how it goes.

  3. Love it!!!!Thank you for sharing .