Sunday, August 30, 2009

Risk Taking and Happy Accidents

Observing new painters of all ages, it seems to be common to put colors down in distinct areas on the paper, leaving some white space in between. Filling in background and in-between spaces seems to be a risky step, what if my original intention is ruined or covered over? What if I don't like what I add? In parent child classes I have watched adults sit with the same dilemna as young children, resistant to adding something new and unsure if it will work.
It is an opportunity to witness a courageous moment to observe a new painter considering the in-between spaces in their compositions and to paint them for the first time.

The stories children tell about their paintings and materials bring great joy too. Here the paint ran because there was a lot of water in the brush. Rather than be upset, the young painter was delighted. "The water is drawing too!" he announced and indeed it was.

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