Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emerging Vocabulary

One of our goals in the studio is to use artistic vocabulary and to build community through talking about the creative process and explorations with materials.
In this class, we began with mandalas on both black and white paper, exploring how the colored pastels looked different on different backgrounds. This young artist noticed that the lighter colors "camoflaged" with the white paper.

Other color combinations created a contrast or seemed to "pop" off the page.

The kind of mark making also contributed to qualities of camoflage or contrast. Layering and rubbing the color on the paper created more blended and camoflaged colors (the lower circle)while there was more contrast when marks were made directly as in the concentric circles.
We also explored different kinds of mark-making, beginning with making direct lines with the point of the pastel.

"Indirect" marks were created using a stick on the back of a colored paper to transfer color to another paper.

The paper on top with direct marks was used to create the indirect transfer design on the paper behind it.

Talking about our artwork provided the opportunity to reflect on the process, share our intentions and discoveries, and ask each other questions.

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