Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Covering Ground with Paint

For young artists in the energy stage of painting, the process is really about covering ground, there is simple delight in spreading paint and exploring different tools to do this.
Here the artists tries painting with casters to see how their rolling makes marks on the paper. New tools are often a good way to engage and focus energetic painters - this young man really wanted to move from the paper to painting mom but the new tools and increasing the size of his painting surface helped to refocus to the paper.
This young painter literally covered ground, moving and expanding his field of color as we added paper along the length of the table to keep up with his energetic painting.
He enjoys the sensory quality of the paint on his hands as well as discovering the joys of our most simple print - a stamped hand.
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  1. Great inspiration here for working with young kids. Thanks for sharing. Are the coils clay or a different material?

  2. Very cool blog site. I found this really cool canvas art website i wanted to share with you. I never saw artwork like this before.

  3. The coils (in the post below) are clay - low fire white clay. Often when sitting with kids I will roll long coils and just see what they do with them.