Friday, October 22, 2010

Blocks, Drawing and Building Continued

This post follows an earlier post about a class of avid builders. This week we placed the blocks center stage on the table where the kids usually began (instead of off to the side in a building center.)
They began by experimenting with different structures created from the blocks.
Exploring balance and angles.
Once they had settled on a design, we offered pen and paper and encouraged drawing the building.
The diagram grows and details are added.
The children asked for paint to add to their drawings - the colors together with the drawn characters really make this fantasy story come alive.
“The Moon and the Sun”
The sun has 12 legs and the moon has a thinking cap on. The people are climbing through the tubes and there’s a window on the top of the building. I think it was my block building. Two of the stars have glasses on them and the stars have hair on them. The people climb through so they can get in the house.
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