Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paint and Draw...and Talk About It

With our youngest artists it is delightful to hear how their work with materials impacts and inspires their language development.

Here we were painting on a black board and also offered sticks to draw lines back into the wet paint. This child discovered the opposite end of the brush also worked for drawing lines in the paint. He would paint and then flip the brush and draw lines and then return to cover over them moving the paint around with the brush again, each time stating paint, draw, paint and looking around to see that we saw he was changing his activity even though he had the same tool.

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  1. Hello Kathryn and Teresa! I'm glad to read your blog. It's especially wonderful to see and read about your work with a variety of age levels... I'm sure that I'll be back, commenting on more of your posts. I hope you'll keep it up - it inspires me to keep going with mine.