Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Introducing Mosaics April 8, 2009

Some photos of our first mosaic workshop in the studio.
The children were clearly delighted with the materials and spent a great deal of time and energy working with their patterns and arrangements.
Selecting jewel-like glass pieces to begin.

Beginning with the border and lining up patterns of shapes and colors.

An arrangement starting around the center.

Planning patterns to frame and fill in the space around the mirror.

Trying out color combinations and forming shapes within a design.

Exploring symmetry, shape and grouping of warm and cool colors.

Pattern-making continues on the window sill. It was interesting to see how many children created patterns in their mosaics; and the pattern-making extended beyond the mosaic experience as well. Here the glass pieces are used to create lines of a repeating pattern in the window sill.

The growing window sill installation.

The finished group of mosaic mirrors.

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