Thursday, June 11, 2015

Collette Visits Fort Hunt Second Grade

I had a great morning yesterday with Fort Hunt Elementary second graders.  They worked in small groups to create a setting and characters with collage.  Collette had some great adventures and I loved all the story telling I heard as the groups planned a setting for their work.   A few examples are below along with captions that tell a bit about the setting and story.
I unfortunately don't remember all the details but invite any comments from artists who want to add more of their stories...
Collette at the beach with her dream house.
Collette is in a rocket ship in space.
A school with an office building next to it.
In a house

What I remember best about this one is the dragon and the characters that begin the story.
Interesting use of pieces to make a table and flowers.
Here Collette is in an enchanted forest next to an enchanted tree.  She is the fairy godmother bringing a new ice cream to the baby (on the right) because the baby dropped hers.
An adventure in the rain.

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