Thursday, April 16, 2015

Creating A Space to Create and Connect

In early March, I led an adult ed forum at St Peter in the Woods Episcopal church. What I created was a space for making - and it was such a treat to see everyone respond. It was great to meet in such a flexible worship space and to get to create in the church.  I enjoyed observing the process and talking with participants as they created prayer candles to explore art as prayer.  There were as many approaches to making as there were participants.  It was interesting to see some plan a pattern while others responded more to color or shape.  Some began in the middle and worked up and down the column of the candle while others began at the bottom or top and worked in one direction.  We used scraps of mulberry paper which layer and reveal interesting fibers as the light passes through them.  Tearing and cutting added other variations to the designs.  Participants will take home candles as a tool for a personal prayer practice and a reminder of their exploration of art as prayer.  It was a gift to spend the morning with such a great group of makers. 

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