Monday, April 23, 2012

3rd Anniversary Collage Event

Thank you to all who joined us for our 3rd Anniversary Community collage event. We collected several bags of food and donated $100 to United Community Ministries.
Below are some highlights of the afternoon made by artists of all ages.

Many layers and LOTS of glue make for a captivating collage process.

A collage for a friend who is moving home.

Everything in this one Bounces!

Collage turns 3D with this paper tree sculpture.

Which inspires a great village of standing paper houses.

Finally, an elaborate labyrinth created on the floor reminds us of the wonderful connections between collage and play.
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  1. where did you get the lovely blocks and cylinders that are in the labyrinth? Do you know where I can buy them? I am in Florida.

  2. I bought a huge lot of extruded plastic rods and had them cut into the blocks. I sold a few to other teachers - may still have a set of the square rods- contact me if you are interested.