Friday, October 21, 2011

Tangled in Mixed Media

Popular children's media and stories often make their way into the studio. One of my favorite things is the re-telling of these stories by children using art media. This young woman began by creating the princess from "Tangled" with clay coils.
More coils add length to her hair.
Until it is SOOO long it extends off the table on one side.
Moving to paint she continued her portrait theme.
This time creating a painted portrait of the princess with long hair extending down the paper.
I wonder at the complexity of the story telling and observation in moving from one media to another. So often when drawing (or in this case painting) follows building the two dimensional image seems to gain depth and detail from having first been modeled in three dimensions. In this case the clay coils were used almost as the lines of a drawing that can be seen here to also be a sort of draft image for this painting.

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