Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exploring the Loom

A stand-up loom is a new feature in the studio and has generated varied interest from our four to six year old classes. Almost everyone first thought it was a harp.

Soon there were explorations of weaving in and out of the warp thread with colorful ribbons.
Sometimes it was a good strategy to have a partner to pass the ribbon back and forth working out a pattern.
It seemed to progress that one child would teach another who would become the partner until one lost interest and then another would come along so a new partner was trained. As you can see above, initially there was weaving all over the loom. We tried to start at the top but realized that we were working against gravity so we switched to weaving from the bottom up. Sometimes pulling out the woven strand was part of the fun - we need to understand how things come apart as well as how the fit together.
This student had previous weaving experience in preschool ans was more focused on the task and beginning to work on patterns in his weaving. His interest encouraged his peers to want to learn in our next class.
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  1. Hello! Very much enjoyed these postings. I'm curious to know about the loom - where did you purchase it - or did you make it on your own?
    thank you,
    Meredith Dodd
    University of Chicago Laboratory Schools