Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art Ideas for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Express your Gratitude with Art
  • Create your own place-cards for Thanksgiving dinner - leave room for each guest to draw or write something they are thankful for
  • Draw or paint a picture for a favorite relative or friend - present this to him or her and share why you are grateful to have that person in your life
  • Create a family gratitude poster - hang it in the kitchen and let people add drawings and ideas over the course of the weekend
  • Interview a family member about what his or her Thanksgiving was like as a child - draw pictures showing then and now and see what is the same and what's different
Enjoy Family Togetherness with Art
  • Be inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and take a walk (you may not have to go farther than your front yard) collecting colorful leaves - choose a color and see how many different shades of that color you can find in the leaves
  • Look around for "found art" in nature - interesting shapes in branches, beauty in the form of seed pods, see what you can notice - the photos below are a leaf that dried in a unique shape and a leaf that left a "print" on my bumper after the rain

  • Enjoy a family drawing or building night - work individually or in pairs to draw, collage, build with blocks or create with recycled materials - share your work when finished. This is a great way to discover some of the hidden creative talents in a group and a fun way to get everyone involved.

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