Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speaking of Curious...a bit about the history of our building

We get a lot of questions from kids (and adults) about our building; who lives upstairs? what used to be here? where are the inside stairs?

On February 1st, my sons Ryan and Kevin conducted an interview with the building owner, Col. (USA-RET) Louis Molli to find out more about the history of 2804 Sherwood Hall Lane.

We learned that the building was previously zoned for residential use and was set up as apartments. Col. Molli bought the building in the 1950s and had it rezoned; his wife ran an antiques shop there for many years. He believes it is an excellent business location because it has great drive-by traffic and plenty of parking around back. As for the building itself, Col. Molli never lived there or knew anyone who lived there. To his knowledge, it has never had an inside staircase although he did once consider adding one. Other past businesses have included a consignment shop, a contractor, and an orchid supply shop but never a pet store. We are the first art studio to inhabit the building.

And by the way, upstairs is also a business, it is the "home" of Foundations for Families. You can find them on-line at

To learn more about the young artists who inhabit our studio, read our other blog posts or find us on-line at

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