Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Exploring Clay Slabs

Presenting clay as a slab invites a unique response. It can be a way to renew and extend interest in clay work for young children.

Here the young artist begins by poking the slab, using his finger to get the feel of its thickness, noticing the marks he makes and sensing the resistance from the table beneath the clay.

He pokes his finger all the way through the slab and is intrigued to discover he can see it from the other side.
With the help of his mother, he experiments with passing a clay coil through a hole in the upright slab. The slab will respon differently to pressure when it is upright, he explores making marks with a stick on the upright slab. The flat surface has now become like a wall or divider and he can explore the differences and connections between the two sides.
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