Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So, What's a Studio Lab?

We call ourselves a studio lab, a place rich in art materials available for exploration and experimentation. Our goal in our work is to provide a framework and structure within which young artists can work independently or in collaboration with peers of all ages. We offer guidance on how to use materials but not on what to make with them. You won't find us offering a recipe or formula to recreate a famous art piece or draw a certian kind of animal. You will find lots of visual material and intersting conversations about why the artist might have chosen a given media or combination of colors. You will hear ideas and suggestions for observing to gather information for a drawing, painting or sculpture and rich conversations among children about the choices they make and the media they use.
We are interested in the artistic and creative process and in setting things up to help artists of all ages slow down and enjoy and reflect on their process and their creations. We are a test kitchen of sorts for artistic materials and processes. (A metaphor familiar to the Evans family, see We hope your visits to the studio will bring ideas for how to set up a painting and color mixing station, experience in the care and use of clay, and insight on how to combine collage bits, paint, and paste into unique multimedia creations. We hope to demystify processes and to be a starting point for continued artistic exploration at home and in schools. To quote (the wonderful) Mary Rose O'Reilley, "Take away from it what forms in your own mind....come into my kitchen, but don't expect recipes."

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